Christa's Excellent Auto LLC ✺ Nationwide Vehicle Shipping

Christa's Excellent Auto LLC ✺ Nationwide Vehicle ShippingChrista's Excellent Auto LLC ✺ Nationwide Vehicle ShippingChrista's Excellent Auto LLC ✺ Nationwide Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Transport with Excellence!


Transport Broker History

Looking for honest, professional & reliable auto transport?  I have been working in this industry for 11 years giving honest and excellent service to every customer - every day! I am 100% customer rated and you can see 5 pages what my current customers have to say about my company here:   In 2018 I separated from Excellent Auto Transport.  You can see my 21 pages of five-star auto transport reviews from my happy customers from nearly 6 years of service at Excellent Auto on .   

 Nothing up-front and only you can authorize your auto transporters.  With me, you are "THE RULER OF THE UNIVERSE":   You don't pay the broker fee until your vehicle is loaded up & in transit by the carrier you authorized.  You will be provided the contract with your carrier to guarantee your COD carrier pay (Cash on Delivery) to the penny.  No horror stories and no funny business.     I am BBB Accredited and "A" rated!

 ICC-MC #: 071359   $75,000 Broker Bond


For people on the move!

All sorts of people find times they Nationwide vehicle shipping.  Need can arise when one moves, goes to college, buys a car from another state or is deployed with the military.      I am BBB Accredited  and "A" rated! Come see my BBB Reviews!

 I screen all interested carriers and present them to your for your authorization.  I can seek an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. I check the certificate of insurance for every carrier, insurance is included in your total. 


** I am available by appointment only in my office.

 ICC-MC #: 071359  $75,000 Broker Bond

And if you are curious, this is my personal favorite song "That's My King"


How to See My Industry Reviews

 You can see 5 pages of 5 star reviews and details of what my current customers have to say about my service performance here: You can also see 21 pages of what my  customers have had to say about me on  I run an honest business & give every customer my best every day. I have never asked for an up-front deposit (which is just a fancy word for a broker fee).    

   When Christa finds an interested carrier for your vehicle: that is when you, the customer, become the “Ruler of the Universe.”  

What that means is I present the carrier and proposed dates of pick-up and delivery to you for your authorization.  Christa's Excellent does not dispatch a truck until you approve.  So when I let you know the day the carrier is proposing to load and deliver, you or I could call the person at the origin and destination to ensure that proposed load and delivery date works for them.  

After you authorize, I write up the contract with the authorized carrier and when the carrier signs my contract, we have a legally binding document.  

I will  provide to you a courtesy copy of this signed contract with the carrier you authorized to guarantee the carrier, dates and the COD portion of your all-inclusive total.  Christa's Excellent does not ask for the broker fee portion of your total until the carrier has loaded and it is on its way.

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